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8 Reasons You Should Choose Waterdrop Interior Designs

"What sets you apart from all other interior decorating companies?"

Jayne H - (Edmonton, Ab)

Why me? Why should you choose Waterdrop Interior Designs for your interior decorating needs?

1. I offer completely virtual services.

Virtual services offer you a unique opportunity to execute your projects using a designer from anywhere. You aren't restricted to where you live, to the pandemic restrictions or anything else.

You are also able to be more hands on in the process, which a lot of clients enjoy. Perhaps you are a DIY sort of person, this will give you the best direction to create the vision you want. Virtual/Online Interior Decorating services give us the ability to collaborate and work together. You won't have someone coming in and taking over the whole process.

While e-design is a relatively new concept for most, it's been growing in demand extremely fast over the last 2 years. The pandemic taught us quickly how to communicate remotely and still get the job done. Whether that was virtual birthday parties, parent teacher interviews or coffee with a friend. There were always lots of ways to stay in touch and share information. My virtual design services are no different. We will connect, collaborate, and communicate remotely. We will always be able to be on task and make the absolute most of our time by eliminating things like travel and face to face appointments.

Virtual services allow you to save money, save time, keep your sanity and stay safe while avoiding common pitfalls when trying to just go it alone.

2. No matter where you live, I can offer my services.

You are not restricted to those in your own personal area. If you want my services, love my designs, and want to hire me, it won't matter what your location is. If you have online sites that ship furniture/décor to you, then I can help.

3. I am the owner AND the lead designer.

This is my personal small business so you can trust I take a lot of pride in my work. I have grown every single aspect from the ground up. From my brand and my logo to this website. I have created it all myself with a vision and a lot of passion. I am extremely determined to grow the brand into something my kids will grow up to be very proud of me for. I am determined to provide the best customer service. I believe that happy clients result in more happy clients. I would like to have a continuing reputation for being the best and the most enjoyable to work with. If you are interested, here is more about me.

4. Being the owner/lead designer, you can always trust that I will take care of your project myself.

Unlike larger firms where you/your project may be passed from employee to employee you can be assured you are my top priority. I only take on as many projects as my calendar allows to ensure I am always providing the absolute best service.

5. I love what I do!

When you work with someone who loves what they do its always a more enjoyable experience. I take pride in my work and crave results that give the client both a great feeling about the process, but also the result.

6. I'm a problem solver.

I am always wanting to help others, whether that be within my business, focusing on interior decorating dilemmas, or with my friends/family in life. It makes me so happy to be able to help someone solve a problem. I love to come up with solutions for everything from home organization, to color psychology, to space/floor planning, and everything in between!

7. I enjoy working with all design styles.

While I specialize in Organic Modernism, I really enjoy keeping up to date with all sorts of different design styles. So, no matter what your own personal taste is, I will be excited to explore that with you.

8. I am so grateful.

Have you heard the quote, "When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance"? Well, its true! I am grateful for each and every client. So often we are overlooked as clients/customers with large corporate stores. We feel our business wouldn't be missed if we ever stopped shopping at those stores. I want all my clients to know that they are appreciated. I will always be grateful when they choose me!

If you too, would like to choose me for your interior design/decorating needs I'd love to chat about your project! Fill out this questionnaire to let me know your project details, or contact me and we can chat!

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Dec 16, 2021

I never knew you could hire a virtual interior designer! That is awesome! I love that you are so passionate about your business! It shows ☺️

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