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Hey! Thank you for stopping by! I'm Courtney, the owner and lead Interior Stylist for Waterdrop Interior Designs. I would describe myself as a creative perfectionist. I'm also a wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters (and two adorable fur babies). I enjoy watercolor painting, creating designs, cooking, travelling and planning epic birthday parties for my family (it really is a hobby, trust me!). I enjoy tea, peppermint is my fav, but I also love a good glass of wine. My guilty pleasure is monster movies (think Jurassic Park or Godzilla). And my kids tell me that I would most likely be sorted into the Ravenclaw house (that’s a good thing, right?).


16 years ago, I had an amazing friend who inspired me to look into home staging and interior design. Our true goal was to build a fulfilling and empowering business together as women! But before we were able to make this happen, she sadly passed away. It seemed at that point this dream just went on pause.


Fast forward to today, I have two kids (11 & 15) and have spent the last 15 years creating a life where I have been able to stay at home with them and always put them first! I’ve stayed busy growing a very successful business (but one that wasn't in the field of design). As my girls have grown, I have slowly found myself with more space in my life to do other things. I got to thinking again how amazing those goals were with my friend and how excited we were about becoming home stagers. Over the years I had every excuse to not put this dream in motion, but something clicked and in 2020 it became clear to me this was what I was meant to do! I guess it just took a global pandemic to give me the nudge that I needed. Seems a bit extreme, but I’ll take it.

I have spent every day since putting in every effort to learn, study and create. I've aimed to gain all the knowledge I can.


I am now accredited with internationally recognized certifications including: IDDP®—International Design and Decorating Professional™, ISRP®—International Staging and Redesign Professional™ and Virtual Design. 

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While my friend isn't with me to achieve all the goals we had hoped to achieve together, I know she would be so happy to see what I am creating each day and how happy it's making me. It keeps my memories of her alive and inspires me to enjoy and appreciate every single day that I have!



My passion is to help you and inspire you to develop spaces in your home that reflect what truly makes you happy! I believe that each color, each piece of furniture and each accessory tells a story. I want to help you bring your decor story to life! I look forward to meeting each of you (virtually!), sharing my designs and helping you create spaces that you love!

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