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Virtual Home Staging Consultations

Selling your home? With my help, you can stage it yourself at a relatively low cost to mazimize your return on investment. 

Staging makes a house look its best so that it will sell quickly and attract the best possible price. 

Your virtual consultation will guide you to be able to create a living space that will appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. 

Owner Occupied Virtual Home Stage Consultation
Starting at $275 (+GST)

An Owner Occupied home is one where the homeowners and/or their belongings will stay on the property for the duration of the sale.


Additional Virtual Home Staging Services

Note: Every client who receives a Owner Occupied Virtual Home Staging Consultation with Waterdrop Interior Designs will be eligible for these add-on services. 

Additional Virtual Tour Hours

$50 (+GST)/hour

The initial consultation fee starts at $275, but depending on the size of your property you may need additional hours.

This will vary with each client. 

Virtually Directed Home Staging Support

$50 (+GST)/hour

(minimum 2 hours)

Not sure what art should go where? Need help with the finishing touches when choosing & displaying center pieces? Wanting advice on how to style your shelves? Bed styling? Looking to have your furniture placement checked over? 

All of these sorts of things and more can be reviewed.

Get piece of mind before your realtor arrives to take photos or potential buyers come to view! 

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