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5 Reasons Virtual Interior Decorating Services Benefit You

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

"How are virtual interior decorating services better than traditional in person services?"

Jennifer P (Edmonton, Ab)

The world is consistently evolving to make online services more available. One thing the pandemic taught us was how important these virtual services can be. There are many reasons that we desire to communicate through technology and take advantage of virtual services. Here are a few of the most popular reasons why clients are running to Virtual/e-Design Interior Decorators for their home décor project needs.

1. You Save Money

People often feel that its more affordable to "just do it yourself". This is not the case. All to often this approach ends up costing you more. Hiring a professional can ensure you make the best choices for making sure your vision comes to life while factoring in your budget, your style/lifestyle, your homes resale value and more. In the industry we get clients who come to us after they have attempted it all on their own and find themselves starting over and spending more in the long run. Making expensive mistakes can either leave you unhappy in the space going forward or spending extra money re-doing things when it could be in your pocket or invested back in your home to make it as functional and beautiful as you can!

Now, while the above point applies to hiring a traditional in person interior decorator too, if you compare the rates of both, you will find that you are able to save even more by hiring someone virtual while still getting the same professional service and that amazing result you deserve. How does virtual save you even more?

  • It's no secret that when you cut out aspects like travel, you save a lot of money that you would normally pay a traditional interior decorator. Every hour of service is fit in to the cost of your service. Wouldn't it be better to have your designer spending their time solely on making your space amazing rather then mundane things like sitting in traffic?

  • With e-design services, your participation is required in a few ways. For an example, you would need to measure your space accurately and provide clear photographs of the space. This would be something you would normally pay your traditional interior decorator to do.

Waterdrop Interior Design takes the guesswork out of what the services will cost. I offer flat rate packages that cover every support you need to complete your projects in a timely, budget effective way. If you ever need anything extra, a custom quote can be provided, just ask!

We also offer very competitive rates! If you have compared to other Virtual Interior decorating firms, you will see that my pricing can't be beat. If you compared to traditional design pricing, well.... you might just fall off your chair! (Its that good!) I must note that my 2021 launch pricing will be changing come 2022, but I assure you if you are reading this past that date, that you will still find them to be a great deal for such high-quality service!

2. You Save Time

Let's imagine the time it would take driving from place-to-place sourcing say, a sofa. Imagine we want to see a selection of 30. This would take hours, days, even weeks. With access to online shopping sites that give full access to product details we can quickly search through 100's if needed in a fraction of the time. With virtual collaboration we can easily review your top choices while you relax at home.

As an e-designer I have access to a LOT of online vendors that the public simply doesn't. I can source products at any price range quickly and effectively. I even have account managers for some of the largest furniture companies to get in touch with at the click of a mouse to ensure we find just what you are looking for.

I have the knowledge and expertise to quickly navigate through design & décor decisions to coach you and guide you. Should something come up that needs more clarity, I have access to information on absolutely any design/décor topic you could imagine. So often a client will have an idea in mind, but not even know where to start or what to search. I can take out the guess work.

My virtual design process is 5 easy steps. Not only will I put together a full turnkey package for you when your project design is complete, I even include information on how to set everything up, right down to placement of your accessories.

3. Stay Safe

Its no secret that we are living during a time when our health and safety is a top priority. We will connect in a virtual way that keeps us both more than safe. Technology gives us so many amazing tools to connect without ever having to meet in person.

  • My main design site allows you to log in and view my work, approve, or comment on aspects and stay in the know.

  • Video chat is a quick way to connect if I need to see your space and ask questions (this applies mostly to my Home Staging Consultations).

  • In addition to my main design site, I am happy to communicate via phone, text, email or fb messenger. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

4. Introvert Friendly

It is said that almost half of the world population is introverted. Maybe you are shy, have social anxiety or just plain don't want to do the prep to have someone in your home, virtual design will give you a service you want without the extra stress.

Not everyone feels comfortable having a stranger in their home, and that's ok!

You even get to decide what form of communication you most feel comfortable with.

5. Love the Results

Many clients worry that a decorator will come in and take over the whole process. Virtual clients love the ability to be as hands on or off as they wish during the process.

The virtual aspect of my service allows for a designer/client collaboration. Its important for me to know what your vision is, what love about what I present to you and what you would like changed. There will always be space for that revision before getting your final package.

My goal is always to leave you smiling and loving your space!

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