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6 Tips when Talking to Kids About Moving

When it comes to moving there are many factors to consider. Choosing a real estate agent, speaking to a mortgage specialist, and getting your home staged and prepared probably come to mind first. I can help take away any stress you might have when it comes to figuring out what to do about staging and preparing your home. However, if you have kids, breaking the news will also be up there in importance and that's all up to you.

Moving can be emotional for all members of the family, even pets (that's another whole blog). When my daughters were 2.5 & 5 years old, we moved in to the house we live in now. There were lots of questions, mixed emotions and worries they voiced that I hadn't even considered them thinking about. In their little minds, this was their only home. They couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

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As a mom myself, I know what change can be like for a family, and its not always easy. So, I wanted to share a few tips that might make the transition smoother.

1. Have the talk right away. Don't delay as that opens up the opportunity for them to overhear conversations or hear the news from someone other than you. This can make the announcement feel more shocking then if they hear it straight from you.

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2. Create a time and place to talk to them where you won't be interrupted and they can ask as many questions as they want. You might be surprised what some of their concerns will be and how quickly you can resolve them. Giving them as much information as they need will help to ease their minds. They might worry about whether the pets will be coming too. They could be concerned about their normal routine where you presently live. These are all things you can discuss to let them know what will feel different and what will feel the same.

3. Be positive! Even if there are going to be changes with the move that might feel daunting, try to really focus on the good things. While there may be feelings of sadness that can't be avoided with any new chapter, try to give your kids a list of reasons to get excited about the move. Maybe you'll have a bigger yard with more space to play. Perhaps you will be closer to family or friends.

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4. Be sure its clear that this decision is final. Don't leave your kids feeling that there may be a chance your mind can be changed, or the move won't happen. The sooner they accept the news and start focusing on the positives, the sooner they will feel adjusted and ready to go!

5. Let them know they can help! Kids will feel like part of the decision and the whole experience if you let them help where they can. Depending on their age, perhaps they get to pack or even just help label the moving boxes containing the items from their own room. This also gives them the security of knowing where their items are and that they will be coming with.

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6. Ensure them that they will be able to keep their most prized possessions close to them during the move. I even suggest having them pack up their most precious items in a suitcase. While you might move directly with no overnight stops elsewhere, giving your kids the option to have a suitcase will allow them to always know where their most important items are. Unpacking can take days or weeks, but they can have the items they use most

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These can be things like their favorite stuffed animals, pj's, family pictures, their toothbrush, or even things like snacks! Whatever will make them feel "at home" during the transition period even if its only a day or two.

While change can seem scary (even for us as adults), just know that everyone will adjust over time. Some of life's most exciting moments come after change. So, trust in the process and stay optimistic. Your attitude will essentially pave the way to how everyone in the family will perceive the news!

How old were you the first time you moved!? Have you moved with your kids? What are somethings that worked well for you?

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May 04, 2022

A transition like this is so big! Even for adults, so these steps are so helpful to ensure that a change like this goes as smoothly as possible :)

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