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Who Can Benefit From Waterdrop Interior Designs Virtual Services?

My clients generally fit in to one of two categories:

1) Homeowners preparing to sell their homes & needing support to do that successfully

2) Anyone looking to create a space(s), or refresh a space in their home so they can enjoy their home both visually and functionally

Let's break down how clients benefit from each of my specializations.

Selling your home? Let’s get it ready for market!

My unique home staging consultation service is appreciated by many clients for:

· Its affordability

· The coaching to allow the DIY client to still prepared their home successfully

· The convenience of it being remote

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· The ability to obtain a service that is normally unavailable (places that are rural, or don't have a staging company locally).

Find out more about my remote home staging consultations here.

Not sure where to start with creating a look for your new space? Looking to simply freshen up a space in your home?

My unique interior styling services are appreciated by many clients who:

· Are looking for remote help to achieve their home project goals (online, over the phone, etc) How does it work?

Photo Credit: cyano66 from Getty Images

· Need help determining their design style and putting together a look that both achieves their visual goals but is also functional

· Are interested in getting some support in choosing a new color scheme to suit their space, paint colors, wallpaper, etc

· Need help optimising the layout of their room(s) &/or implementing clever storage solutions

· Are needing help choosing and sourcing new furniture or replacing existing furniture with more suitable options

· Would like help choosing lamps or light fixtures to create an attractive yet functional lighting scheme

· Are looking for support in choosing items like soft furnishings (like curtains, rugs, cushions, throws, etc)

· Need help choosing amazing décor and art pieces to complete their look

Find my flat rate Interior Styling Packages here. Or fill out my design questionnaire and I'll get back to you with a custom quote!

My services are done 100% virtually. We will connect online via phone, text, google meet or through my design site to deliver the service. I can support you by consulting about one of these tasks for a space, several, or even come up with a full concept for you!

Whatever you need, just let me know!

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