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7 Tips for Organizing Your Christmas Décor

When it comes to getting organized to set up your holiday decorations or taking it all down and putting it away you might feel drained. Incorporating these 7 tips will help you in the years to come with both an organized set up and a clear plan for taking down and storing.

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1. Invest in proper storage containers.

Part of the problem when it comes to being organized in any aspect, is ensuring there is an actual place for everything. If things don't have an assigned place, they add to clutter and disorganization. Fortunately, there are storage containers that make finding a place for each item very convenient.

You can either invest in good quality plastic containers or you can get specialty ones that are made for your Christmas items. You can get tree bags, ornament storage boxes, wreath bags, light storage, glass ware, and gift wrap organization. Here are a few of my favorites:


2. Every year audit your décor.

What is broken? What haven't you used in years? Throw out anything you no longer need/want and be sure you are only packing up/storing items each year that are worthy of your space for next year.

3. Categorize your containers.

If you choose to use plastic storage containers instead of specialty ones, be sure to categorize each. Either categorize them by room or by type of decoration. If you go with type, as an example then keep all lights together, all ornaments together, all garland, etc. If you want to go by room then keep all your kitchen holiday décor together, all of your tree decorations together, all guest room décor, etc.

4. Label Everything

Be sure to label all these containers so they are clear and easy to read. Adding a label to both ends and side helps to be able to easily view what is in each container even if they are not all put away with the right side showing outward, or if things get moved at some point.

Having a label maker can make organizing holiday décor and any other storage quick and easy.

5. Wash\store your holiday textiles

Be sure to wash all your holiday textiles like blankets, throws, pillow covers & table clothes. Once washed, use a vacuum storage bag to seal them up until next year. This not only keeps your items fresh and protected, but it also cuts the space in half from what they would normally take up.

6. Think backwards

Put your decorations away in the opposite order that you will need to take them out the next year.

Example: if you have an artificial tree, you will need to bring that out before you bring out the lights and ornaments. Maybe you decorate with a few festive items earlier than your full décor. Be sure those items are put away last, so they are the first and most accessible.

7. Organize your paper keepsakes & cards

Lastly, a fun idea for organizing your keepsakes and cards. Create a simple scrapbook with all of your favorite holiday cards, letters, Santa pictures and kids art. Having those all together in one book is a nice way to keep these memories in good condition. Having a nice scrapbook to have on your coffee table each year is also a nice way to reminisce and share with others. The beauty of putting together the scrap book yourself, is that you can add to it each year as needed.

What are some ways you keep your holiday décor organized?

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