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4 Holiday Decorating Tips For Small Spaces

So often people with smaller spaces feel they can't do much to decorate their space for the holidays. Condos and apartments can have a good amount of square footage, but not everyone wants that space crowded. Then there are those who have just a single room they want to add some holiday cheer to. Perhaps its a dorm room at a college, or a room in a care home.

There are lots of ways to add some Christmas spirit to even the smallest of spaces. Here are my 3 best tips:

1. Add to the spaces you do have. Think of the areas of your home you presently have décor or open space. Maximize areas like a fireplace mantle or a shelf. The top of a dresser or windowsill. Consider adding a center piece to a table.

When choosing what to use for décor, consider fresh wreaths or garland. Not only do they give you the look and feel of the holidays, but also that scent. There is nothing more festive than the scent of fresh evergreen.

Adding a soft string of lights to any of the garland adds a magical feel in the evenings.

2. Wall Christmas Trees. These are so popular right now. They can be big or small to fit any space that has an open wall. Whether it be in a home or even a school classroom. You can really do a lot without taking up any actual floor space.

They can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like. They can accommodate any design style. Think rustic styling using birch, or an elegant soft style using light feathered garland and twinkle lights.

You can use strips of garland or a simple string of lights. I've seen some amazing ones using different lengths of string with ornaments at the bottom of each. The options are endless.

If you are looking for inspiration to match your home's style, peek at Pinterest. Simply searching "Wall Christmas Trees" and you will find an abundance of ideas and DIY instructions. Be sure to share your own versions in the comments! I would love to see your creations!

3. Small trees can be just as magical. There are plenty of smaller trees, plants, and flowers that you can have in your space in stead of a full, large Christmas tree.

Consider festive plants like poinsettias, rosemary trees, holly, ivy, lemon cypress, dwarf Alberta spruce or Norfolk pines. Many of these choices are ones you can have as house plants all year long if you wish.

You can easily find these at your local greenhouses, but also places like Lowes and Costco. Often. they already come in festively styled pots.

4. Swap out a few things! Some things can be swapped out for festive elements. Think everyday items you would normally use. Replacing them temporarily for the holiday season won't take up any extra space!

Here are a few examples:

Put away your blankets & throw pillows and replace them with some festive ones. They won't be taking up any more space than you normally have there, but you will then have pops of holiday colors and patterns.

Swap out any wall art for stylish and festive pieces for the duration of the holidays.

Change up your tablecloth and tableware.

And finally, everyone needs a festive mug or wine glass! Again, it's an item that you would normally already have in your space, but by choosing one that's festive, you will have that extra holiday feel!

TIP: Be sure to work with the same color scheme and style throughout each aspect as you incorporate the suggestions above!

What ways have you made the most of your space to create a holiday setting? Share your pictures and ideas in the comments.

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