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3 Free Must Have Interior Decorating Apps

They say "There's an app for everything" and I think that's probably true! I have acquired a lot of extra apps on my phone and even desktop computer since becoming an Virtual Interior Decorator. If I could only recommend 3 to my clients, these would be the ones. They each help in creating a vision and executing it while collaborating with me with any of my online design packages.

1. Pinterest (Free)

It is no secret that Pinterest is typically the first place everyone goes when searching for inspiration. Having the app on your phone allows you to quickly pin, save and create boards to put your vision together.

When working with a virtual/edesign interior decorator, it's great to have some of your ideas together in a board on Pinterest so you can share your vision. There is even an option on Pinterest to add people to your boards so you can collaborate and add ideas together.

You can download the app for android or IOS. You can also use it right on your desktop.

2. Tool Box (Free) (Maxcom)

We don't all carry around a level, a protractor or compass. Its nice to have access to a variety of tools in our phones because...well we always have those! There are a lot of tool box like apps out there. You can get elaborate features with paid apps, but this one works great as a free option.

It includes things like a leveler, which is great when you are hanging pictures.

I love the quick access to a unit converter. Going from metric to imperial quickly is a must in my industry.

It goes beyond the basics with things like a illuminometer, decibel meter, magnifier, flashlight, counter, code reader, calculator and even an abacus! Everyone needs access to a abacus, right! There are lots of features. I would recommend checking it out.

If you just want a simple leveler, then I would recommend the app Ihandi.

3. Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio (Free)

My favorite part of this app is browsing the collections for inspiration. You can first choose a collection category, like "Classics" or "Off Whites". From there you can see all the color options within those shade groupings. Having them all together to compare can help you determine which shades carry more of one hue or another that you might be searching for.

There are also options to load a picture of your own or search through inspiration images to find colors you love. The app includes a video visualizer, photo visualizer, color capture and color reader (to be used with their portable color matching tool which is available for purchase).

What are your go-to apps when doing projects around your house?

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