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12 Ways To Create A Cozy Space For Your Guests

"What are some tips you can give on sprucing up my guest bedroom?"

Miranda D - (Maple Ridge, BC)

During the pandemic guest bedrooms were generally left empty or turned in to home offices or gyms. Now, they are slowly becoming necessary again for actual guests. Some areas of the country (the world really) are starting able to get back to seeing their loved ones and we are needing to get those spaces ready again.

For some this might be a good time to redesign the whole space. Change the paint, bedding, window coverings and throw pillows to give it a fresh new look. For others, there are ways to quickly spruce up the space with a few easy tips.

Ready to redo your guest room so its ready for all your guests in the future? Check out our flat rate virtual design service packages to see which one best suites your needs. Our Classic Pack focuses just on one room, which is perfect if your guest room is the only space you want to spruce up!

If you are wanting to do a few quick touch ups yourself, then I welcome you to browse through my tips below!

1. New linens

One of the things we notice the most when staying at a hotel is the linens. We want comfortable, clean sheets, warm blankets & extra fluffy towels.

By offering your guests nice, new linens they will feel more comfortable.

Making sure to provide nice pillows is also a great idea. Consider having a set of two softer pillows and 2 firm ones. That way your company can decide which suits them best.

Keep a spare blanket in the closet or near by for them to add if they need more warmth. Knowing its there they are more likely to use it if they aren't comfortable, rather than asking you for one during the stay.

2. Leave Some Empty Space

Leave room in a closet, or in the drawers of a dresser to give your guests some room to organize their personal belongings and clothes.

Have a small bench at the foot end of the bed will also leave them with some space to open their suitcases without taking up room on the bed or having to keep their items on the floor.

3. Lighting

Your guests aren't as familiar with your space as you are. So, its nice to make sure they have access to several different forms of lighting.

The main lighting in the room should create enough light for them to do what they need to during the day. The side table(s) should have lights to give them access to light for getting into bed at night and for reading.

One additional light source that helps guests is a small nightlight in the hallway between the guest bedroom and the bathroom.

4. Side Table

These can both be functional and add style to a guest a room.

If it's a style with a drawer, leave that drawer empty so your guest has space for any items they want to keep close. This will also provide you with a place to put a side lamp.

A side table in a guest room offers you the opportunity to add a pop of color or a unique style to the room.

5. Leave a Note

Leave a note or welcome card for your guests. Not only does this make them feel welcome but can provide them with information that they might need during their stay. You can include the wifi password, your guest security code to unlock the doors, an agenda for any plans while they are staying with you or even something simple like instructions on how to work your shower.

6. An Amenity Basket

You want your guest to feel comfortable and welcome. Putting together a basket of goodies will definitely be an added touch.

Consider including items like bottles of water, magazines, fresh towels, toothbrush/toothpaste.

If they are visiting during a special holiday or season you can customize to add items to suite.

7. Choose a nice bed

Don't use an old or spare bed for your guest room. You can invest in a nice bed and mattress knowing it will last having less use that all other beds in your home.

Be sure that the frame is sturdy, not squeaky, and functional.

Choosing a mattress that is firm and comfortable will also ensure your guests get quality sleep.

8. Window Coverings

This part of a guest room needs to be functional, but you can also add style.

Consider room darkening blinds with a second layer of curtains to add texture to the space.

9. Choosing a Color Scheme

When choosing your paint, furniture, and textiles, aim for a soft ambient feel. Soft neutrals like white, beige and grey create a calming and clean feel.

A light or pastel green will give the space a quiet, restful feeling. Light blues keep the space feeling cool and calm.

Try keeping the textiles in the room light a fluffy. This will give the room an even more comfortable feel to match your color scheme.

10. Décor

Keep the décor in your guest room simple. Consider items like a tray on the bed for books, phones or tablets. Vases with (or without) greenery or fresh flowers.

Candles are always a nice addition too.

Wall décor should be soothing and not too impulsive or bright.

11. Add Greenery

Adding plants to any space give a fresh look. Plants tend to wake up a space and really add both color and texture. This is important when try to stick with a neutral color scheme. You want the space to be comfortable, but still visually appealing.

12. A Cozy Corner

If your guest room has enough space, consider adding a nice little cozy corner for your guests. It's nice to give them a place to unwind and take some time for themselves if needed.

Consider a chair and small table. Add a throw blanket and reading lamp to maximize the comfort level in this space.

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