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10 Holiday Styled Fireplace Mantels

Every fireplace mantel tells a story. You can use this space to show case your own style and personality. There are so many ways to style a fireplace mantel, but the holidays are a popular time to change up how your normally keep it.

The fireplace is often the focal point of a room. There should always be elements that draw attention to this space.

I've chosen 10 examples that I think are beautiful and I'm going to share why I love each one!

1. Modern Minimalist

There is no reason to clutter your space. If you have a minimalist style, then by all means stick with that style.

I love that while the stockings really prove this is a holiday look, the ferns and clear containers also share in a festive feel. In addition, they have added one simple string of fine lights.

It is simple and yet still festive.

2. Warm & Cozy

This mantel décor really works with the color and style that we can assume is present year-round in this room. The dark cherry colors bring out both the flooring and the fireplace surround.

This mantel provides such a nice tall space above the fireplace, so having the lit-up trees really brings the space to life.

Its bright, cozy, and warm.

3. Organic Modern

I love how clean and modern this space is. By simply adding some greenery it gives the whole room a festive feel.

Greenery can add to a space giving it that natural pop of color while also creating a holiday vibe.

4. Warm Gray & Bright Whites

The styling of this mantel gives the Christmas tree a chance to really stand out while the rest of the space is relatively monochromatic.

The white mantel décor, the stockings and the tree skirt all work together to pull the look.

5. Free Standing Woodstove

You don't always require a mantel to give a festive look to your fireplace space. This example shows a free standing wood stove.

I like that they have styled using elaborate garland throughout the space to tie the room together. They have also utilized the space on the floor near the fireplace. You can add features like candles, vases & plants to accent and draw attention to this focal point in your home.

6. Festive & Fun

This look is definitely fun. There is something whimsical yet still composed with style.

Another example of using the space near, in front of or around your fireplace if you don't have a physical mantel.

I love that the stack of presents has even been made to be part of the display.

Photo by Laura James from Pexels

7. Personalized

I love how well they kept their own style but still added accents of holiday elements.

The lighted garland over the mantel really gives the whole space a festive vibe. The white paper décor pieces make their art display really pop and ties it all together.

8. A simple string of lights

This is so simple, but ads such an elegance to the space. Nothing more is needed, and you can almost feel the ambiance through this photo.

9. Stockings

There is always something so personal and decorative about stockings. They tell a story. They represent family.

Each one can be chosen to fit your style and family. I love the stocking holders that they've chosen here. It's just perfect!

10. A Wreath

Wreath's can be a simple or as elaborate as you'd like. You can keep them very natural looking or choose bright colors. They can also come in a variety of materials. This one as an example is made from cloth.

I love the simplicity of this. They have added a festive touch without even needing a mantel.

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

When choose what to use to decorate your fireplace or how to place items just remember that you can always keep within your own style preferences. More than often less is more.

What are your favorite ways to style your fireplace mantel during the holidays?

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